E-VM Velomobile

Why choose the e-vm velomobile?

Because this attractive vehicle effectively
represents the key values of modern times:

  • State-of-the-art design
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Energy responsibility
  • Physical vitality


How is it propelled?

You can propel your velomobile yourself with
the help of the built-in electromotor. The
velomobile may also be used by:

  • Visitors to tourist attractions or special events
  • Guests seeking new interesting experiences
  • Business partners you are out to impress.

The velomobile may be used in several ways – why not discover your own favourite use?

The E-VM Velomobile is a combined vehicle propelled
by pedals and also by electricity from state-of-the-art
batteries. The ratio of energy sources used for different
burdens depends on each individual driver.


The E-VM  Velomobile has been designed to fit into the same category
as a moped (L2e – its maximum designed speed amounts to
45 km/h, while its engine power does not exceed 4kW).


The E-VM Velomobile has been exclusively designed and
made from modern materials (carbon fibres, KEVLAR, epoxy
resin), ensuring an incredible strength-to-mass ratio. The
retractable sunroof, inspired by those in sports vehicles,
allows the vehicle to be used in all wheather conditions.